Magic Secret Revealed

Am I really going to reveal a magic effect? YES! Well sort of. It may not be that magical at this point and it really couldn’t be called an effect . But, I think it could be. You be the judge. I’ve shared this secret with only a few people and have yet to find anyone that knew about this… Read more →

Funtyme Flix

Ed Williams started a magic trick dvd rental program in 2007.  He set up the Funtyme Flix site to manage his new business.  I am reproducing some of the material below for historical purposes.  It was one of the first (and only?) magic trick dvd rental businesses. Ed was always looking to build his magic business.  This is just one… Read more →

MIND MERGE – Instant Download

    Imagine being able to show your psychic powers over anyone at anytime using an everyday object. Best of all the effect requires no gimmicks and no sleight of hand. How cool would that be? This is Mind Merge! OK, you are probably asking yourself what happens in this effect.   Here is what happens: A person takes five… Read more →

WHERE- DIT- GO – Instant Download

WHERE – DIT – GO NOW MAKE YOUR OWN! INSTANT DOWNLOAD! A great effect with such little effort. So direct and straight forward it seems impossible. A chosen card vanishes from the deck and appears in the previously shown empty card box! EASY TO DO! NO SKILL REQUIRED! GREAT CARD TRICK FOR THE BEGINNER! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!   Read more →


All you need is a deck of cards and you’ll be doing this amazing card effect in minutes. No sleights. Can be performed impromptu with a borrowed deck. A cute story line that makes sense and disguises the method. You’ll be putting this in your Close-Up or Street Magic repertoire because it is so effective and so easy to do… Read more →

NO STAB – CARD GRAB – Instant Download

Impromptu Card Stab Without the Sword or Knife! Have a spectator select a card, any card, NO Force. Lose the card back in the deck. Toss the deck into the air, reach into the falling cards and pluck their chosen card from the air. Can even be a signed card. Download it Now, No Shipping, No Waiting!     Read more →

Funtyme Magic Shop

A look back at Funtyme Magic Shop Funtyme Magic was established in 1996 in a very small store front about the size of a large closet.  Within 3 months the business had out grown the cramped quarters and the store moved to larger quarters. Plenty of room . That’s what we thought at the time. We kept expanding but the… Read more →

Don’t Do It!

Once you know the workings of this self working, amazing card effect, you can change the patter and performance to suit your style. Use it as a straight card effect, comedy, mentalism, gospel or you can even use it at your next kids show. All you need is eight cards. It was one of the most popular effects taught at our recent magic class.… Read more →