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Amaze your audiences with this easy to do magic trick straight out of my professional repertoire!

Dear Magic Friends, It all started with a phone call from the principal of the elementary school where I was booked to perform my school magic show in a few weeks. “I got a favor to ask. I want a trick showing the magic of math. Do you have anything really good that you could do?” asked the principal. Thinking… Read more →

Applause, What Is It?

Applause is the audiences way of letting the performer know that they approve of, agree with or have been entertained by what has just transpired. Or is it? Have you ever applauded for a performer simply because it was the polite thing to do? Of course you have and many times that is the situation. Polite “pity applause” is actually… Read more →

Your Character’s Persona or Personality

Everyone has a personality. It is your personal set of characteristics, the totality of your attitudes, interests, behavioral patterns, emotional responses, social roles, and other individual traits. It is the result of your life to date, traits that you have acquired through experience, environment, and a multitude of factors. It has been evolving from the time you were in diapers… Read more →

Performing Naked

8 Key Steps to Practice and Rehearsal for Magicians Imagine you have just been booked for the biggest magic show of your career. You practice each and every magic trick that you will do. You mastered each trick down cold. The big night comes. You show up early backstage. Your tricks are set up. You are ready to go. The… Read more →