Funtyme Magic Shop

A look back at Funtyme Magic Shop

Funtyme Magic was established in 1996 in a very small store front about the size of a large closet.  Within 3 months the business had out grown the cramped quarters and the store moved to larger quarters. Plenty of room . That’s what we thought at the time. We kept expanding but the building didn’t. Again we packed up and moved to a larger store front.

The Home of Faster & Cheaper” Magic

Why have we grown so fast?  When my wife Barbara and I started Funtyme Magic in 1996 our philosophy was very simple. Take care of the customer. That’s right, customer service. Something that is rare in any retail business and particularly difficult in the magic business. Attempting to sell the customer magic that they will use, appreciate, and enjoy rather than something they will toss aside is no easy task. That task is made even more difficult by the fact that we cannot reveal the secret workings of the trick. Have you ever bought magic that was too difficult, not what you wanted, not as advertised, or you thought was a total rip off?  Sure you have…and that is exactly what we want to avoid.
That is why we enjoy talking directly to our customers,  helping them, answering their questions, to make certain that they are getting what they bargained for. If you ever have a question about anything on this website, please give us a call. Our pledge to you,


Ed Williams

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