MIND MERGE – Instant Download




Imagine being able to show your psychic powers over anyone at anytime using an everyday object. Best of all the effect requires no gimmicks and no sleight of hand. How cool would that be? This is Mind Merge! OK, you are probably asking yourself what happens in this effect.


Here is what happens:

A person takes five cards out of a shuffled deck. You can use any deck of cards, even a brand new sealed deck.

The spectator can shuffle and even sign the five selected cards.

You take this packet of cards and tear them in half. Yes, that’s right in half. You now have two identical piles of cards. You shuffle the piles at the direction of the spectator.

The spectator has free choice. After each shuffle, you lay the top half of each pile face down as a whole “card.” At the end of the effect, you have five “cards” consisting of randomly shuffled halves.

Watch your spectator’s jaw drop when you turn over the cards to reveal that each half of the “card” matches perfectly.

This is Mind Merge. Add this powerful, yet easy, card trick to your magic repertoire now! You will be glad you did.


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