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Ed Williams started a magic trick dvd rental program in 2007.  He set up the Funtyme Flix site to manage his new business.  I am reproducing some of the material below for historical purposes.  It was one of the first (and only?) magic trick dvd rental businesses. Ed was always looking to build his magic business.  This is just one example of Ed’s creativity.


Simple as A-B-C

Sign up for a one time membership. The cost is $19.95 and you never have a recurring charge. Your membership entitles you to rent any Magic DVD  at the low price of $9.95 or less  and keep it as long as you wish. If you desire to have more than 1 DVD at a time you can update your Membership Plan at any time.

Select a DVD(s) from our selection and place it in your cart. The rental rate is only $9.95 or less. Submit your order along with your membership through our secure server.  We will send your DVD First Class Mail. We pay postage both ways. You will receive your DVD in the mail in a few days.

When you’re  ready to send the DVD back, simply place it in the Prepaid  Envelope and drop it in any mailbox. Now you can rent another DVD. Remember you are under no obligation to rent at any time. No Late Fees, No Due Date.  When you’re ready to rent another, the cost is only $9.95 or less.


3 Plans to Choose From

Choose the Membership Plan that suits your needs below. You may upgrade to the Silver or Gold Plan at any time. Click on the More Info links below to see details of the individual plans. Please read the Terms of Use prior to joining.

  • With our Standard Bronze Plan you can have one DVD at a time. When you send it back, you can rent another at the low price of only $9.95 The Standard Bronse Plan is only $19.95.
  • With our Silver Plan you can  have two DVDs at a time. When you send them back, you can rent two more or send 1 back now and 1 later. The Postage is FREE and you are in control. $34.95.
  • Renting is so easy and economical you’ll be going for the Gold in no time. You can have Three DVDs at one time and remember, there’s no obligation to rent, ever.  $49.95.

Remember there are NO RECURRING CHARGES! No obligation or pressure to rent a certain number of DVDs per month. Once you’re a member, you can spend as much, as little or nothing at all. It’s all up to you.  Join Now to start saving money while learning more great magic.


Is it legal to rent magic DVDs?
Yes it is perfectly legal to rent any DVD that is an original copy due to First Sale Doctrine. It has been a widely held misconception that the “not for rental” statement on some DVDs or DVD covers is binding. It is not! The “not for rental” statement is there to maximize profits and has no legal basis. You can rent “Gone With the Wind” “Star Wars” or “Mary Poppins”. Magic DVDs are no different.

Is it ethical to rent magic DVDs?

Yes it is. We are not “giving away” any magic secrets. Anyone that uses our service must become a Member ($19.95) and pay a rental fee for every DVD rented.

How soon will I receive my DVD(s)?

We mail all DVDs USPS First Class Mail. Most DVDs are mailed the same or next business day and should arrive within 1-3 days.

How long can I keep the DVD(s)?

As long as you like. There is no due date, late fee or recurring charge. We do hope that you will send the DVD back when you”re done viewing it so that others can enjoy and you can rent another.

What if I really like the DVD I”ve rented and wish to keep it?

No problem. You have  several options. You can keep it for as long as you like and that includes forever. However, you are limited to the number of DVDs that you can have at one time. Therefore you may want to return it and buy a new one. Or you can contact us and arrange to purchase another membership or upgrade.
Will I be charged every month?

No, Absolutely Not! We do not have a recurring charge. You are charged a Membership Fee once and pay for the DVDs that you rent, when you rent them. You have complete control.

What if the DVD will not play?

Although our DVDs should play on any DVD player and are checked for defects. there could be an exception. If you have more that one DVD player, try it again. If it doesn”t play, contact us. We will replace it or give you credit to rent another.
What if I lose the prepaid return envelope?

Place it in an envelope, (we suggest a padded or bubble envelope) and include your name and e-mail so that we can credit the return to your account.
What if I want more than 3 DVDs at a time?

Currently we do not offer a plan for more than 3 DVDs at a time. However, additional plans may be offered in the future when we are confident that we can efficiently meet the needs of our members.

Is my credit card information secure?

Yes! All credit card transactions are through PayPal”s secure credit card processors. You do not need a PayPal account to use a credit card. Unlike websites that have a recurring charge, we never see your credit card information and your information is not stored on our website or in our database.
Can I perform the tricks I”ve learned from watching the DVD?

As with most magic DVDs (purchase or rental) performance rights remain the property of the creator.
All DVDs are for in-home use and are intednded for educational purposes only..
As an example, public performance of the DVD such as a TV broadcast, showing the DVD on a big screen TV for the public or posting it on the internet is strictly prohibited by law.
In addition, performing an artist routine or trick as it was presented on any DVD is not only illegal but “bad magic”. Magic DVDs are instructional, in nature and their original intent is to educate. Watching a DVD rented or purchased and trying to copy the performance for public viewing is unethical, illegal, and quite frankly very bad magic. The intention of magic DVDs are to spark your imagination, learn techniques, and handling so that you can create and perform an original routine that takes into consideration your own personality and performing style. In other words, learning is a good thing, copying is a bad thing and not legal.
Other magic DVD rental plans claim their DVDs are strictly for Previewing the DVD to help make an informed decision on buying the DVD. Is that your policy?

Our policy is to treat our customers honestly and with the dignity they deserve. The above policy is quite frankly “hogwash”. You either rent DVDs or you don”t. Trying to disguise the fact on an anonymous website in an attempt to avoid ethical issues and criticism is, in our opinion, an insult to the magic community and the intelligence of magicians.
Having been in the magic business for over 11 years we know that most magicians are good, ethical, and intelligent people. A few are not. We have set out our policy honestly, openly and straight forward in this FAQ and throughout the website.


Trade In Program

Trade in your old DVDs and get credit towards membership, rent DVDs or upgrade your current membership. Help us build our library of available DVDs and at the same time help yourself by receiving credit to use at FunTymeFlix.

Limited Time Offer

Here’s How It Works

  1. Email us a list of the DVD(s) you would like to trade in.
  2. We will reply to your email and tell you exactly how much credit you will receive. (credit varies depending on the original cost of the DVD.  Typically 50% of MSRP)
  3. Send us the DVD(s)
  4. After we have received your Trade-In(s), we will send you a Discount  Code that can be used just like cash at for any rental, membership, or membership upgrade.

Some Restrictions Apply

  1. All DVDs must be original. Absolutely NO COPIES or pirated DVDs will be accepted.
  2. All DVDs must be in good playable condition and in original case.
  3. This Program is for a Limited Time.
  4. DO NOT send any DVD(s) without prior approval.

Any DVD that does not meet the above requirements will be returned to the sender.

Please use the special email address that we have set up for the Trade-In Program only.

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