Have you ever wished that you could go to a magic shop and stay for hours while the shop owner performed every item in the shop over and over again?

I know I have. As more and more magic shops are vanishing, I don’t want other people to miss out on this wonderful experience. Ed Williams’ magic trick demos bring this magic shop experience right to you. Come whenever you like and as often as you like.

Welcome to our little magic shop tucked away in the Big City (not really, it’s in Nashville, Indiana). I want you to meet Ed Williams. He runs the shop.

Come up to the magic counter and have Ed show you any magic trick in the place. Want to see the magic again? Ed would love to demo it again! Like what you see? He will show you where to get it.

What’s the catch? There isn’t any. I want everyone to experience the joy of lingering in a magic shop while the shop owner demonstrates whatever catches your fancy. If you find a trick or two you really like, Ed will show you where to get it.

Remember these are demonstrations and not polished performances. This is what you would see if you stopped into your local magic shop. As a matter of fact, most of these demos were created in a wonderful magic shop called Funtyme Magic which is tucked away in Nashville, Indiana.

Over time, I will put some of the videos Ed and I made years ago in the shop.  Nothing fancy.  We had a blast doing them.
Look around and enjoy yourself!

Magically yours,

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P.S. This was the introduction from Magic-Trick-Demos.com site that Ed and I set up to collect the videos in a more organized and browsable way.  You could find all of the videos on the Funtyme Magic Shop with each individual tricks.  I thought I would post it to preserve this interesting part of Funtyme magic.

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