Remembering the Ultimate Candle

Here’s a blast from the past.  Ed Williams created a number of interesting magic effects.  This is one he developed for his own act and later released through the FunTyme Magic Shop.  The original ad copy is below along with a private video of Ed performing the Ultimate Candle.






The Ultimate in dancing effects!

The Ultimate in candle effects!

A 3 foot candle instantly appears from a small paper sack, production prop or from inside your coat.

Light the candle and it rises in your hand and begins to dance about the performer.

This original effect created by Ed Williams several years ago is finally  available in limited quantities and at a very reasonable price.

Each Ultimate Candle is hand made, perfectly balanced and tested.

If you perform the Dancing Cane, now’s the time to take it to the next level and dazzle your audience with an effect they’ve never seen before.

Special Features:

  • Every Candle hand made.
  • No “Contact Paper” covering to wrinkle.
  • 3 Coats of paint formulated especially for plastic.
  • Can be set up hours before performing.
  • Extensive 7 page instructions with color pictures covering set up, performing, candle care, etc.
  • Video Instructions on CD-Rom, 30 minutes.
  • Free Accessory Kit included (extra wick, candle cap, and wick holder end cap).

Quantities are limited.


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