Magic For Rent – Part One

This is the first in a series of articles that will show you how to make money in a widely ignored venue.

At one time, I worked for a company that managed several luxury apartment communities. One of my responsibilities was planning special events for the residents. Cookouts, Pool Parties, Free Carwashes, Tennis Tournaments and anything that I could think of that would show our appreciation to our residents and make our apartment community more desirable than our competitor. That also included hiring magicians on more than one occasion. Although I was into magic at the time and did some moonlighting as a performing magician, I kept the two careers separate. I knew that the management company I worked for might frown on the idea of me hiring myself and working for competing apartment communities and management companies as a magician could be considered as a conflict of interest.

Although I was certain that this was a promising idea, I didn’t pursue it due to the “conflict of interest” thing. However, I did continue to work on the idea, jotting down notes and thoughts on paper and in the back of my mind. When I decided to open a magic shop 10 years ago, I thought that I would eventually try this idea out, but little did I know that running a magic shop would be such a full time job. Now with the magic shop and the rapid growth of the on-line shop, I can’t see ever having the time to devote to such a project. So, I thought I would share this idea with anyone that would like to increase his or her bookings and possibly create a steady source of income doing magic.

Having worked in the luxury apartment business for over 10 years, it was obvious to me that apartment communities could be a good source of income for a magician for several reasons.

The luxury apartment business is very competitive. Resident activities and functions are an important and necessary part of the promotion when leasing an apartment. Potential residents are always interested and many times ask about what type of activities the community offers.

Resident activities are also an important and cost-effective way to raise the resident retention, keeping the residents happy so they will renew their lease.

Most apartment communities try to have several resident functions a year. One company I worked for insisted on one a month at every community and the other averaged 8-10 a year.

Coming up with different activities that would interest a majority of the residents is no easy task. On-site managers and activity directors are always looking for new ideas.

Both companies that I worked for allocated money in their budget for resident activities. It is considered a necessary cost of doing business.

Most luxury apartments have a clubhouse or facility where the residents can congregate for activities, such as a family magic show or a cocktail party featuring a strolling magician.

The money is available. It’s in the budget and will be spent.

The demand exists for quality functions, new activities

The stage is set for a lucrative business performing magic at luxury apartment communities.

Over the next few issues, I will tell you in detail how I planned to go about implementing this idea. How to get started, who to contact, how to promote, how to pre-qualify potential clients how to book several shows at once and plenty more.

Before we get started, let me answer a few questions concerning the idea and this mini-course.

Is this a proven concept that will support my family and me?

Heck no! As I said, this is an idea that I have put many hours of thought and planning into using my experience as a magician, performer, entrepreneur, and years of experience working in the apartment industry. I am simply putting forth my ideas for consideration in the hopes that someone can benefit and hopefully prosper.


Is this a proven concept that will support my family and me?

Heck no! As I said, this is an idea that I have put many hours of thought and planning into using my experience as a magician, performer, entrepreneur, and years of experience working in the apartment industry. I am simply putting forth my ideas for consideration in the hopes that someone can benefit and hopefully prosper.

Is this a sales pitch for something?

Once again, No. This may sound very similar to one of those Internet e-book courses that promise wealth, but it’s not. It’s simply an idea that I have put time, thought and effort into that I don’t have the time to develop and I hate to waste. I’m not asking for money and in fact these ideas and information will be totally worthless to most. But, I can’t help but think that some magician out there willing to work hard can use these ideas to create something valuable. Knowing that my idea did not go to waste will be my reward.

What will it take for this idea to succeed?

Hard work, self-confidence, dedication, talent, and all the other ingredients that are necessary, but do not guarantee success.

So let’s get started with chapter 1 of an idea that could enhance your magical career.

Chapter 1 – Why Apartment Communities?

Why do I think apartment communities could be an untapped source of income for magicians? First of all let’s take a look at luxury apartment communities.

At one time apartments were the place that people lived that could not afford to buy a house. Not any more. We live in a very mobile and transient society. It’s not at all uncommon for a person to move from New York to L.A. to take a prominent position in a fortune 500 company. Two years later he’s promoted to the branch in Miami and 3 years later, he takes a position with a company in Tulsa. People are on the move and generally they are moving upward. Apartment communities are still temporary housing, but most people living in “luxury” apartments are not there because they can’t afford a house, but because it is temporary and they can afford not to buy a house. Buying a house is much cheaper than living in a luxury apartment. These people can afford to live in “luxury” while they look for a house to buy, wait for their new house to be built, or wait for that big promotion or offer from another company.

Apartment communities have changed drastically in the past 50 years. They now offer pools, tennis courts, workout rooms, saunas, etc. and are constantly improving and offering more amenities to satisfy a more demanding clientele in a highly competitive business. Apartment communities must match or beat the amenities offered by the community down the street. One way they pamper their residents is with community functions and activities. The cost of these functions is relatively inexpensive compared to other costs that are associated with maintaining and promoting the community in an attempt to attract new residents and encourage lease renewals.

The upper management of these communities wants or demand resident functions and activities. This responsibility usually falls to the on-site manager or an activities director over several communities.

What are they looking for?

1.) Something that will be of interest to the majority of their residents.

2.) Something that requires a minimum of preparation on their part.

3.) Something fun, exciting, and makes their residents happy.

4.) Something within their budget.

5.) Something new, different, & unique.

6.) Something family oriented (usually).

7.) Something that lasts 1 hour or less.

As you can see, we just described a good MAGIC SHOW!

What can you offer them?

1.) Magic that is enjoyed by all ages and cultural backgrounds.

2.) A professional magical event that is self-contained. All they need to do is set up the chairs.

3.) An event that can be scheduled for any month or day of the week.

4.) An activity that will fit within their budget.

5.) An event (including planning, and execution) that will consume less than 2 hours of the managers valuable time. This is a major selling point to managers & activity directors.

Another advantage is that other than December the winter months are normally the slowest for magicians. That is also the months managers have a difficult time coming up with resident activities. Summer is filled with outdoor activities but the first half of the year is when the person in charge of activities is scratching their head trying to come up with something different. It’s a perfect time for a magical event in the clubhouse.

The money is in the budget, it needs to be spent, and the person in charge will be glad to put it in your pocket for helping them through another resident activity. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Apartment communities are everywhere with more being built every day. In most areas it is very competitive. Apartment communities would rather have people renew their lease for another term than move to their competitor. The best way to get a lease renewal and save money is to keep the residents happy and one of the most cost-effective ways of doing that is with resident activities. That activity could be your magic show.

In writing this first chapter in the series, I’ve almost convinced myself to keep this for myself. But I won’t. In future chapters, I will try to convince you that this is a valid idea, but will show you how to make the idea work for you. This series will continue over several issues and will contain information, insights and details that will enable you to take my idea and make it your own. …………………………..For which I would be eternally grateful.

Until Next Time,

Ed Williams

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