Birth of Buzzy

  Several people have commented on the striking resemblance between our company logo “Buzzy” and the logo of another website that is in the business of selling magic over the internet. The resemblance was even commented on at the Magic Café Forum, (Wow, fame at last).

Others have asked the question, “Why would you put that ugly old buzzard at the top of your web page? Surely it must have some significance…some symbolism…there must be a logical reason.”

Actually it started out as a joke. One day while surfing the net looking for something or other, I ran across the image. It just happen to be about the same time that I was in the process of creating some Instant Download movies for the website

When I showed “Buzzy” to a few of my close friends and jokingly told them it was going to be the logo for my Instant Downloads, it cracked them up. They thought it was hilarious. They suggested, …they insisted ….no they actually dared me to do it.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the contrast between the old bald headed buzzard and a slick, young, cuddly little bird, (a penguin for instance) symbolized the struggle of a bald headed, middle aged magic dealer -vs.- a big flashy, money making, slick, website with buckets full of money for promotion and staff. It’s kind of like a mom & pop grocery store -vs.- Wal-Mart.

And of course there exists the actual physical resemblance between yours truly and Buzzy. I don’t have feathers, but I am bald. Actually, I’m not really bald, it’s just an illusion. I started shaving my head a few years back as an alternative to having a head full of gray hair. I really don’t consider myself old, but for some reason they keep trying to give me the Senior Discount at the local Golden Corral Steak House.

Also more and more newcomers to the shop seem to come up with the same question , “Did you used to be a magician?”…Aagh!

Looking at Buzzy’s picture, you‘ll notice that he has a sharp tongue. Some people have suggested that this is also something we both have in common. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why.

I had a graphic artist make a few changes, clean Buzzy up and then he flew to the top of the page. He now has top billing. What started out as a joke…a satirical jab at one of my competitors, has become our logo.

Of course Buzzy is still a jab at the competition. But, he’s also a jab at the old bald headed buzzard that’s writing this article.

As a note to all my competitors and especially those that have webbed feet, Not to fear, I doubt that the webmaster at will be around long enough to make an impact on your profit and loss statement. If you don’t believe me, ask the cashier at the Golden Corral Steak House.


Ed Williams

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